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What makes Cetina different from other bottled waters?
In comparison with other bottled waters, Cetina stands out in terms of its origin, and naturally balanced and unique composition. It requires no further treatment before being bottled. It is pumped from underground streams at the foot of Dinara, in the heart of unspoilt nature. This water is rich in calcium and has a negligible sodium (salt) content, which puts it into the category of light mineral water that doesn’t burden the body and that can be consumed in larger quantities. That makes it perfect for the detoxification of the whole body.
Does Cetina undergo any treatment before being bottled?
No, as there is no need for it. Cetina spring water is bottled directly at the source thanks to its naturally balanced composition and a stable temperature of 12°C both in summer and winter, the source itself being protected from any kind of pollution.
How do you maintain the excellent quality of Cetina Natural Mineral Water?
After spending a year carrying out research for the purpose of awarding the “Natural Mineral Water” mark, the Public Health Institute of Split and Dalmatian County came to the conclusion that categorized Cetina as spring water with a low mineral content with constant values of anions and cations regardless of changes in hydrological conditions. According to the Public Health Institute of Split and Dalmatian County, the greatest value of Cetina water lies in the absence of all contaminants tested for, which points towards the exceptionally good natural protection of aquifers. In addition, the results of microbiological analysis indicate that the purity of water is exceptional, and consequently it is safe to drink.

Our technologists analyze the finished product in our internal laboratory on a daily basis, and the Public Health Institute of Split and Dalmatian County regularly takes samples and controls the composition of the water we bottle.

Where can I buy Cetina?
Cetina Natural Mineral Water is available in most retail stores, chain stores and gas stations: Kaufland Hrvatska // Metro Cash & Carry // Tommy // Spar Hrvatska // Konzum // Ultra Gros // Studenac // NTL // Crodux – gas stations // Petrol – gas stations // Tifon – gas stations // DM-drogerie markt //

You can also refresh yourself with Cetina in canteens, cafés and restaurants.

Can the water we drink affect our health?
Water is essential for the proper functioning of every cell in the body and for maintaining the balance of body fluids, which is of great importance for health. Adequate water intake reduces stress, eases headaches, boosts energy, builds muscle, lubricates joints, nourishes skin, regulates digestion, and helps you stay slim. Furthermore, water helps in eliminating toxins from the body.

However, it makes a difference what kind of water we drink. Pure and natural spring water is the best option for hydration. It is important for it to contain just the right amount of minerals and trace elements that the body needs and can be easily processed. It is also important that water quality is controlled and that it is completely pure without the presence of any contaminants.

Why is it better to drink water with a low sodium (salt) content?
Under Ordinance on Natural Mineral, Natural Spring and Table Waters, water is considered to contain sodium if its sodium content exceeds 200 mg/l. Consuming these waters in larger quantities can cause elevated levels of sodium in the body, which in turn binds water in cells, which causes water retention. This results in increased thirst, reduced fluid excretion and a build-up of toxic wastes.

Waters with a negligible sodium content are more suitable for renal patients and those with high blood pressure. In addition, people who are trying to lose weight or are physically very active can drink light mineral water in large quantities, and pregnant women and children can avoid unnecessary salts which burden the body.

Cetina Natural Spring Water contains 1.85 mg/l of sodium, which puts it into the category of water with a low sodium content.

Is it necessary to drink water during physical activity?
It is advisable to drink water in small quantities at regular intervals up to two hours before exercise, as well as during exercise, to make up for the sweat-induced loss. Muscles not getting enough fluids leads to fatigue, while adequate hydration improves muscle elasticity and joint movement.
How much water does the body need per day?
On average, the amount of water the body needs to function properly is 2 to 3 liters a day. Depending on the sex, constitution, physical activity, age, and temperature of the environment, the amount of water the body needs may vary. It is important to acquire the habit of drinking water regularly during the day so that you remain hydrated enough. If thirst occurs, that is the first sign of dehydration.
How to acquire the habit of drinking enough water every day?
We should drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. If you are aware that you don’t drink enough water during the day, try to develop new habits that will help you drink the required amounts of water:

· Drink a glass of water every morning before breakfast

· Always have a bottle of water with you (in the bag, car, on the desk, within sight and within reach)

· Don’t wait to become thirsty, but take at least a swallow of water whenever it is within your reach

· Remember to drink a glass of water before every meal

· Always keep a bottle of water refrigerated

· It is advisable to drink a glass of water before going to sleep as well

· If you notice that you forget to reach for a glass of water at least 8-10 times a day, you should set an alarm at regular intervals to remind you of it

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