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Non-carbonated water

Cetina bottles crystal clear natural spring water directly at the source with no further treatment.


The ideal refreshment for travelers and recreationists.

The right amount of water for liquid replenishment during physical activity.

Refreshment always on the table, and for the whole family.

Economy size that saves space and money.

Carbonated water

Lightly carbonated water with a small amount of sodium (salt) is perfect for quenching thirst during the summer heat, especially after a meal.

Extra bubbly refreshment for hot days.

Ideal family refreshment during the meal.

Water for water coolers

Large bottles (gallons) for water coolers dispensing both hot and cold water are practical and economical solutions for offices, homes, or public spaces. A glass of refreshing natural spring water, cooled or heated, is always close at hand.
Cooled spring water is always close at hand in the non-returnable bottle.
The returnable bottle for offices or homes.
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