Receiving the best of nature,
man only gave it a name:
Cetina - a gift of nature
caught in a bottle.

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Feel the magic of nature, take a peek into the bottling plant and know that Cetina natural spring water is indeed “a gift of nature captured in a bottle”!


Product safety
comes first.

At the Cetina bottling plant we operate in compliance with the HACCP food quality and safety management system and the ISO 9001 and IFS norms. The water quality is under permanent control of the internal laboratory and an HRN EN ISO /IEC 17025 authorized laboratory. The Public Health Institute of Split as the authorized lab regularly takes samples and analyses the water quality. Cetina natural spring water bears the Croatian Quality acknowledgement.

Interested where
you can buy Cetina?

Find Cetina natural spring water at the retail chains dm-drogerie markt // Jedinstvo // Kaufland Hrvatska // Konzum // KTC // Kupovina // Makro // Metro Cash & Carry // NTL (Bakmaz, Boso, Studenac, Trgostil) // Retineo // Sarag // Spar Hrvatska // Tommy // Ultra Gros (Bure, Decentia, Dinova Diona, Istarski supermarketi, La-vor trade, Lorenco, Mlin i pekare, Patričar, Pemo, PPK-Bjelovar, Ribola, Sonik, Strahinjčica, Vrutak) and at Crodux // INA // Lukoil // Petrol // Tifon petrol stations.