By January, 2020.

Cetina and PET Engineering

The year 2019 is the year of Cetina’s rebranding and repositioning. Its ever stronger market position has imposed an additional obligation to deliver to our consumers: to modernise and rejuvenate the brand and to align it with current trends in the segment of packaging and packaging design. The years-long cooperation with PET Engineering resulted in new bottles for all packaging volumes up to 2 l and a new, modern label design, setting Cetina apart not only from its existing position, but also significantly from its competitors, highlighting the product’s basic, authentic features and defining the visual aspect for a coherent online and offline communication.

The new visual identity gives a modern twist to the Cetina brand elements, due to a new approach and the simplification of symbols that previously represented green fields, a lake and a water source, which are now symbolised in simple and smooth lines. The importance of the magnificent mountain of Dinara is clearly transmitted by the stylized mountains on the label and two reliefs on the bottle; the cleanliness and protectedness of the water in the limestone rocks is translated through the clean white bankground. The packagings, available as 0.5 l, 0.75 l and 1.5 l bottles for still water and as 0.5 l and 1.5 l bottles for carbonated water, are elegant and adjusted to be pleasant to hold in one’s hand, while the label tells the story of a water that has already received the best from nature.