By April, 2021.

The young music star Albina is the new face of the Cetina brand

Fresh, gentle, and unique – these are the features that both adorn the natural spring water Cetina and the new star of the campaign, the beautiful young singer Albina. With its unique talent, beautiful Albina leaves a mark – just like the natural spring water Cetina as it passes through the karst pits of the Cetina region. That is why the talented Albina was the best choice for the new star of the Cetina brand; the first waters that spring from the Nature Park and bring to your table the taste of the magnificent Dinara mountain.

The successful, young music star filmed the campaign for the Cetina brand at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which served as the perfect backdrop for the recording. The combination of youth, naturalness, and freshness that the natural spring water of Cetina and young Albina bring together has been transformed into a unique campaign. Just like the natural spring water of the Cetina: natural and fresh or playful and strong, the beautiful Albina in the new campaign reveals all its faces.

Albina in its most honest edition was the perfect choice for the main character behind the name of the Cetina brand – natural spring water.

We take you behind the scenes to the shooting set of the new campaign for the Cetina brand. In ninety seconds, meet the beautiful, young Albina in her most natural edition. Watch the video!

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