Cetina packagings are adjusted
to various needs and various situations.
Pick the best packaging
for any moment.

Still water

Its harmonious natural composition provides Cetina with a subtle and mild taste and makes it exceptionally enjoyable to drink for everyone
from the youngest to the oldest. Water is the foundation
of life, contributing to the normal performance of our bodily and mental functions.
Besides that, it is necessary in maintaining the normal regulation of body temperature.
These health effects of water are achieved by consuming
at least than 2 litres of water daily,
from all sources.

Carbonated water

There are moments when the bubbles are just irresistable. They provide
the additional sense of relief with a meal and a refreshment on hot days. For bubble lovers
the Cetina natural spring water also comes as a carbonated version. The lively bubbles provide it
with a sparkling and more complex texture, while keeping
the specific lightness of taste.

Water for dispensers

At any time, whether at home or at work, always available clean and
water is a true blessing. A cold refreshment or hot water for your favourite warm
beverage is always at hand with water from the dispenser. Water quality is particularly important
at times when we are in a hurry and too occupied otherwise to pay sufficient attention to hygiene.
Water from a dispenser is the right solution for such moments. Provided the dispenser is
maintained properly, water from a dispenser is protected from contamination and bacteriologically safe.

chilled natural spring water always at hand, in a non-returnable packaging for your office or home.

Water dispensers Clover B19A0, of premium quality and modern design, provide the possibility to serve cold and hot water any time at your home or office.