The sun has passed Samograd, revealing the barrel-shaped summits until recently hidden among the bluish clouds and the early morning mist. Far away from the real world, the proud limestone rocks bear witness to freedom and untouched beauty. The place where the ground touches the sky.

Until recently the harsh winter held these summits bound in snow, and now the sunrays are luring gentle mountain herbs to slowly start showing. Untended during cold winter, the pits still hold the little water left from melted snow and first rains, waiting for the rare shepherd to offer them refreshment. Man only rarely sets foot here.

Beneath the Dinara mountain, a rugged rock standing protectively like a large stone wall over Cetina county, the river of Cetina meanders cold and clean, since the dawn of time fighting its battle with the mighty Dinara and the grey and cold karst that keeps swallowing it.

At night, mountain fairies dance around the source beneath Dinara, coming down from the mountain to the turquoise spring of Veliko vrilo. They dance with butterflies and with the wind, barely touching the water with their blue night wings. At dawn, with a dreamy imagination and a watchful eye, you can see their blurry silhouettes at each of the sources.

With the first rays of the icy sun the dark shadows over the water, the reflections of night clouds and nocturnal butterflies, of trees and the mighty Dinara disappear as if wiped away. A leaf lightly floats here and there on the water, showing that the place is real, a living source of a wild river so clean and ancient, lively and eternal.

And as the water travels with the whimsical river, it leaves its trail in the porous rocks under ground, the fresh and cold water cradled in the mountain’s bosom which protects it from everything that may touch its true purity and freshness.

This is why it is so soft and so mild, so invigorating. With each sip it provides the tenderness of a fairy and the strength of Dinara, the purity of the depth and just like the first morning sunray, each time new strength for the new day.

Forming the karst landscape,
the water unstoppably flows
slowly dissolving the limestone rocks
and becomes one of Croatia’s most famous waters.
Cetina – natural spring water.