Cetina- natural spring water from nature park brings freshness of the magnificent mountain Dinara. On the occasion of Dinara becoming the latest nature park in Croatia, natural spring water Cetina was adorned with new packaging design. The new Cetina 1L Premium is unique in its new packaging of clean lines that celebrate the gift of nature and beauty of the Dinara Nature Park.

The new look pays homage to an area of exceptional natural values, rich geodiversity, wild species and endemics, diverse natural habitats and rich cultural and historical heritage.

Gift from nature park

At the foot of the mountain Dinara, the natural spring water Cetina brings daily refreshment and freshness of the protected and hidden Cetina region. Filled in coexistence with nature, without affecting the beauty, flora and fauna of the whole area. The clean and clear natural spring water Cetina has been bringing the freshness of the enchanting Dinara mountain for years. The youngest Croatian nature park is of special importance for the Cetina brand, as it brings a breath of the Cetina region, freshness and refreshment with every drop of natural spring water.