Nature makes a difference

Beneath the mystic Dinara

Beneath the Dinara mountain, a rugged rock standing protectively like a large stone wall over Cetina county, the river of Cetina meanders cold and clean, since the dawn of time fighting its battle with the mighty Dinara and the grey and cold karst that keeps swallowing it. This is the battle of nature from which Cetina always emerges as the winner, leaving its trails and the water deep down in the karst holes, so clean, a bare necessity of life. From day to day, from year to year, from century to century….. almost since the dawn of time. Close to the sea, yet far from it, breaking through the force of cruel nature through its entire course, providing people with strength for life.

In 1972 the State Institute for Nature Protection declared the sources of the Cetina river a hydrological natural monument.

Directly from nature

Fresh and cold

Bottled at the source at the foot of Dinara mountain in its natural condition, from a 80 m deep aquifer,
protected from any pollution, Cetina natural spring water
undergoes no processing whatsoever. Simple, clean, clear
and cold water of the Dinara karst bears the features of the preserved natural environment
it comes from, bringing with it the freshness of the magnificent mountain.

At the point of bottling Cetina has the ideal refreshing temperature of 12 °C.

Untouched composition

Light and mild

Continous analyses over a number of years have shown that
Cetina natural spring water has a low total mineral content (around 330 mg/l),
with calcium and bicarbonate ions prevailing – the characteristic representatives
of soluble limestone rock, which gives Cetina around 75 mg/l of calcium (Ca)
and around 240 mg/l of bicarbonate
(hydrogen carbonate, HCO3-).

Sodium (Na+) = 1,85 mg/l


Potassium (K+) = 0,44 mg/l


Magnesium (Mg2+) = 1,19 mg/l


Calcium (Ca2+) = 76,2 mg/l


Fluoride (F–) = 0,038 mg/l


Chloride (Cl–) = 3,3 mg/l


Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3–) = 238,5 mg/l


Sulphate (SO4–) = 3,42 mg/l


Silicic acid (H2SiO3) = 5,58 mg/l


Our bottling plant

Between sky and karst

Our bottling plant, while placed near Cetina river at the foot of the magnificent
mount Dinara, does not draw water from the river nor from its sources. Although they share the same name,
the bottled natural spring water Cetina is drawn from a depth of 80 m,
underneath the bottling plant itself.

The water quality is under continouous control and the clean and almost untouched
natural environment and the natural protection provided by Dinara are just another guarantee that there is no
pollution. The bottling plant features modern technology enabling
production without polluting the environment and it has no impact on
the beauty of nature nor on the flora and fauna of the area,
but rather lives in coexistence with it.