For all those who like to feel a refreshing note of bubbles but are not fans of strong carbonation, the ideal choice of drink is the Cetina mildly carbonated natural spring water.

Cetina has a low sodium content, only 1.85 milligrams per liter. The main ions present are characteristic representatives of soluble limestone rocks that gave Cetina about 75 mg/l of calcium (Ca) and about 240 mg/l of bicarbonate (hydrogen carbonate, HCO3-)

For an experience full of refreshment, mildly carbonated Cetina should be a bit cooled. Cetina has already been ideally served at a temperature of 12⁰C by nature at its source, so mildly carbonated Cetina cooled to that temperature will be a pleasant and light natural refreshment for the palate.


While Cetina’s composition makes its original taste mild and invigorating, the bubbles give it an extra refreshing tone and a more complex structure making it an interesting partner for gastronomic experiences. Especially those with foods that are saltier in their basic composition, with which they will complement each other to a complete whole. Since the sodium content in Cetina is naturally low it will not further contribute to the salinity of the food, but will rinse the palate with bubbles emphasizing the aromatic components present from the food.

Mildly carbonated Cetina is an excellent
companion to numerous aromatic dishes.

To all types of hard cheeses,
as well as rich,
soft and aromatic cheeses.

The sumptuous aromas of prosciutto, salted sardines, anchovies, and fish pate

Mildly carbonated Cetina will alleviate salinity and quench thirst. Along with it, the flavors of simple side dishes such as olives or pickles will be better expressed. Also, home made dishes of sauerkraut and dried meat will have their gastronomic ally in the mildly carbonated Cetina.
Mildly carbonated Cetina is therefore from a gastronomic aspect, a natural partner to saltier foods, balancing them with its mild taste and all the while giving them an additional effect in highlighting the aromas through it’s gently sparkling bubbles.